Fact find questionnaire

So that we can find the right type of loan for you please answer the following questions. Where there is more than one applicant please complete the answers together.

Willows Finance Fact FInd

What age do you plan to retire?

Please confirm time in your current job (Years + Months)

Please confirm how many children you have and their ages

Please give us an indication of your current outgoings. Where this is a joint application the figures should reflect both your outgoings

Grocery shopping, toiletries, medicines, alcohol
Personal effects are items like hairdressing, cosmetics, contact lenses
E.g. Plates, glasses, appliances, tools for house / garden
E.g. Fuel, car tax, maintenance, parking, regular public transport costs
E.g. Internet, phone, mobile phone, TV license, subscription services
E.g. Eating / drinking away from home, gym fees, holidays, hobbies, pets
Home, car, life, medical, other policies
(If applicable)
Cost for caring for any adults dependant on you (if applicable)
(If applicable)
(If applicable)
(If applicable)
(If applicable)
(If applicable)

If Yes above - where you are consolidating it helps if we know what debts are to be included. We have given you the option to list these below.