Secured Loans

Exclusively for homeowners

Willows Finance are an experienced packager of secured homeowner loans, working to find a fair and perfectly fitted finance solution for every individual. If you are a homeowner looking for long term finance up to £2.5m you may be able to use a secured loan. We provide the information, and the services, to help you get to grips with this financial product – and to help you find the loan that fits your life perfectly. Alongside an experienced, friendly service we also promise:

  • No up front fees
  • No call centres
  • No stress
  • Just a fast, efficient service from secured loan experts

Sound good? Read on for more information and to learn more about Willows Finance. Alternatively, submit an enquiry form today to receive a loan quote which could be the solution you are looking for.

We arrange secured loans from a panel of lenders. We offer second charge regulated mortgage contracts for business or personal use. You should be aware that there may be other finance options available to you such as a remortgage, a further advance with your first charge lender, or an unsecured loan. You should seek independent advice before making a decision.

The loans we arrange are secured against your property. This means that, unlike unsecured credit, if you don’t keep up the repayments on the loan your property could be at risk of repossession. And like with most other types of credit, you could be charged arrears fees, which increases the cost of your loan, and your credit rating could be affected.

Why Choose Willows Finance?

The Willows Finance Team search from our panel of lenders to find secured homeowner loans available for you, whatever your credit history. Our service allows you to:

  • Borrow from £5,000 to £2.5m
  • Repay your loan in manageable monthly repayments
  • Apply online quickly and easily
  • Consolidate existing debts
  • Seek finance even with a poor credit history

Whether you’re consolidate your existing debts, or require finance to make room for your growing family, our team will use their expertise to uncover the best secured homeowner loans for you and your unique circumstances.

We help a very wide range of loan-seekers to find their ideal solution every day, from those who have spotless credit records, to self-employed clients who may have experienced a few financial hiccups along the way.

When consolidating credit to reduce your monthly outgoings, you should be aware that it may take you longer to pay off your debt. Depending on the interest rates and balances of the credit you are consolidating, you may also pay back more over the longer term. You should think carefuly before taking a secured loan against your property.Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on the secured loan.

So What is a Secured Homeowner Loan?

There are a number of different names for a secured homeowner loan which you may have come across: secured loans, homeowner loans, second charges. These are all the same product – a significant loan, arranged using your property as security, which can be used for sizeable financial needs; from renovating your house, to covering necessary private medical expenses. For thousands of informed UK borrowers, Willows Finance is experienced in searching for and arranging affordable long-term finance when and where it is needed – on a manageable basis.

You may also have heard of ‘first charges’. The first charge against your property is your mortgage and you’ll need this to take out a second charge (your homeowner loan) against your property. Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about how it all works or try our secured loans FAQ page. We do not use call centres, so when you call Willows Finance you’ll only ever receive friendly, knowledgeable assistance on UK secured homeowner loans, from a UK expert.

To get started, submit our simple, online form today – we’ll scour our panel of lenders for your ideal loan and a specialist advisor will be in touch with the most appropriate secured homeowner loan for your circumstances. If you have any questions call now on 01656 766 158.